Sunday, November 6, 2016

Big One Comic Podcast : Suicide Squad (DC)

We gather our own ragtag group of misfits for this 11 issue review! Alex is off on a mission. So, Ryan brings back Jonathan, and dusts off the elusive Kwok.
Our trio go back to the 80's to learn about the beginning of the Suicide Squad. Firestorm, the "new" Justice League, and even Darkseid make an appearance. 


  1. Hey guys. I think the reason you all didn't like Suicide Squad was because everything's out of context and dated. I'm old and read this when it came out. Firstly, the team spun out of the Legends mini-series (which is where they had the "assemble the team" scenes, and when Glorious Godfrey got captured). The series is beloved by old farts like me because it was so entrenched in DC's continuity. So when super-obscure characters like Nemesis or Chronos appear, fanboys can say "oh cool, that guy from one issue of the Brave and the Bold I read five years ago." I think if you knew who the heck any of these guys were, you'd have liked the comics a lot more.

    1. Probably. As I am known to not know ANYONE or ANYTHING, it could have tainted my views. But, it was hard to slog through all that text, too.

      It was not helping itself out.

      Thanks for the comment, though!