Thursday, July 30, 2015

Big One Movie Podcast : Ant Man (Marvel)

The tiniest hero on the big screen. Alex and Ryan are joined by the rest of their ant army Corwin and Viet as the four superpodcasters review the newest movie in Marvel's dominant arsenal. 


While none of our hosts loved the movie, we did not hate it, either. There was good, there was bad, there was Paul Rudd. Alex comes up with his own, better plot.

Listen, enjoy. Check out the EMX feed for the same podcast, but with different intro and outro. Tell them HI!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Big One Comic Podcast : Ghost Rider - Hell-Bent & Heaven-Bound (Marvel)

Summers may be busy, but our hosts are back with a guy whom you can bring to any barbecue and roast some hot dogs, Ghost Rider. 15 issues were so massive, we brought back world famous, and show favorite Tribe One! Our hosts were mixed on the 3 arcs covered; but one of them does giggle out of enjoyment the whole way through.

Ride with Johnny Blaze as he tries to get to heaven to fight an Angel, and protect Heaven from falling. Hashtags: nunchuck nuns, motorcycles on fire, shotgun nuns, throwing sharks, and so, so much more.

PLUS get Tribe One's new album, Two Weeks Notice, and catch him on tour. Get all the info at