Monday, April 22, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Conan [Dark Horse]

Iron your loin cloth and sharpen your sword, we visit the 2003 version of Conan, Master of the Universe.  Wait, wrong guy.  Alex and Ryan travel to Narnia with a third host, Kaitlin, a very young and very foul mouthed friend of Alex's. We tackle the six issue arc, plus issue zero, of the shaven, barrel chested warrior.  Alex also tries to explain the diference between fantasy and high fanstasy, or something confusing. 
Prepare for blood, boobs, and lots of phalic talk. That and more on this episode of Big One Podcast!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Episode Fifty-ish

Milestone episode!  We give you the big FiVE - OH!  Instead of reviewing an event, Alex and Ryan take time to bring you their three deaths with the most impact for them in comics.  What made them cry?  What made them bleed?  Why did they just bleed on a comic, that makes no sense, even for a nasty paper cut.  Some big stars come out to wish them a happy fifty, too.  Twitter participation and two voicemails, one with music!  Come remember and hold a moment of silence for the heroes we've lost.  Then stop, since most likely they came back again. And in some cases again and again.

Happy 50, and thank you for joining us!