Monday, December 16, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Clone Saga (Spiderman) [Marvel]

Get out your 90's outfits and lingo, dudes.  It is time for another episode with our "favorite" web crawler x2! Peter and Cloney fight villains like Man Splooge and guy who wants to start his own TV network. Be there for the thrills of semi racist Hispanic villains and Spiderman acting like Batman. Joining us for this podcast is someone who is overly excited for this storyline, Tribe One!  He brings a fresh perspective and uber knowledge to the episode.

Ryan seems to get caught in a web and cannot escape this extended show.  We cover 12 issues:

Web of Spiderman 117
Amazing Spiderman 394
Spiderman 51
Spectacular Spiderman 217
Sensational Spiderman 0
Amazing Spiderman 407
Spiderman 64
Spectacular Spiderman 230
Spectacular Spiderman 240
Sensational Spiderman 11
Amazing Spiderman 418
Spiderman 75
Join us for bad art and bad stories that bring back flashbacks for Tribe One and Alex. But, there is a surprise good issue, too!

Find Tribe One at or on facebook at

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Big One Movie Review Podcast : Thor - The Dark World (part 2)

THIS IS PART 2 of 2 about Thor : The Dark World movie review. Please go to for PART 1.

DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS ONE FIRST. It will not make a ton of sense.

Spoiler movie review.

Our Blonde hunk is back in the Earth realm, and so are our hosts! Ryan and Alex are joined by Viet and Corwin to review, joke, point out flaws, and commend the movie.  Did we like it? Did we detest it? Well, listen and find out, duh.

Go DL part 1 at We will not post it on the Big One feed.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Star Wars - Legacy [Dark Horse]

The Empire has fallen, risen, fallen, and re-rose in this tale that take place a few hundred years after the original trilogy. Like eighty Sith rose up and took out almost all of the Jedi.  It is up to Mr Wolf to find his former padawan, and Skywalker decedent, to fight the Evil Darth Neil and his buddies. We get Sith beards, female Darth Maul, and a case of the Sith eyes. Plus a one off story with stormtroopers actually hitting their targets!

Find out which host loves it, find out which pet comes to say, "Hi." Bid Ryan good luck on his honeymoon. And listen as Ryan comes up with a new storyline and calls dibs on royalties.

This and more on this week's episode.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Gotham Central (DC)

In a city where a big bat roams the night, the man and women of the Gotham police force try and make strides against the actually absurdly super criminal element. Oh and do normal crime solving, too.  We focus on the first five issues of the DC cop show, er comic, that has dead cops, confused cops, cops being pushed out of Batman's way, driving cops, and generic cop names!  At least they throw some dildocicles our way. Help the police solve a murder or two, and join our hosts as we throw some sirens on and review these issues.

Grundy stops by for a visit. We have grumbly Batman voice. And Alex's wife jumps in post credits. Enjoy all this and more on this week's episode.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : X-Men - God Loves, Man Kills (Marvel)

Our hosts are back this week with their Marvel pick: God Loves, Man Kills starring the X-Men. This 1982 release was brought to us by one Christopher Claremont. This somber story brings us the [pineapple] story of mutants being persecuted in modern society. Fake deaths, [pineapple] real deaths, Mageneto, bible scriptures, and more [pineapple] bring us a somber tale that our hosts bring to you in all seriousness. [pineapple].

Big One Podcast is also expanding their horizons. We bring you a preview of our new series Swamp People.  Gambit goes gator hunting in the sewers. His normal partner Wolverine was unavailable, so he bring along Pariah. It's gonna be a hit!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Peter Panzerfaust [Image]

A short and sweet episode re-imagining a child favorite in the not-so-whimsical World War II. Peter is an American boy looking for someone specific, while the lost boys join him on his quest. Alex and Ryan take you through the five issue first trade. It'll make you want to fly!  All the other guests have the holiday weekend off.

And remember, it is not the length, but how you review it. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Big One Movie Review Podcast : The Wolverine (2013)

*SNIKT* Our heroes are back in the theater for all the abs, veins, claws, and plot holes you can handle. Hugh Jackman is back in the role of Logan and travels from the jungle forests of Canada all the way to the love hotels of Japan. Ryan and Alex are joined by Corwin and Alex's wife Dorothy for the claw cutting sequel in the Wolverine franchise.

As always, spoiler alerts, as we recap the entire movie. Listen as we talk about the (somewhat) good, the (almost constant) bad, and the (glaringly) ugly. Turn your ear holes' regeneration up to 11, and join us this week.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Superman - Red Son (DC)

Look! Up in the sky, it's a communal line for bread, it's vodka, no it is the Man of Steel if he landed in the Iron Curtain. Alex and Ryan spend half the podcast talking about Alex's family vacation, and Ryan's wedding day.  But we do tackle the three issue else worlds story featuring the chiseled jaw of Russian Clark Kent. We get to see a lame Wonder Woman, a REAL vigilante Batman, and an ever jealous Lex Luthor. Join us as the Man of Steel tries to right our country's wrongs. PLUS, all the Easter Eggs you can handle at the end.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Big One Movie Review Podcast : Man of Steel (2013)

Flying down from the heavens, a man has come to break bread and forgive your sins. Wait, it is a superman who is pretty much NOT heroic? Then you tell me why he is shirtless, carrying our burdens on his back.  Summer 2013 brings us the break neck review of Man of Steel. Jonathan joins Alex and Ryan in decoding this mystery of a movie. Explosions and great visuals mix with mixed messages and a movie not suitable for all ages. 

Cover your laser beam eyes if you have not watched the movie yet. Otherwise listen to three guys who also have the super power of super breath, and enjoy Big One's movie review. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Onslaught [Part 2] (Marvel)

The end of the Marvel Universe as you know it is at an end. What will the big bad Onslaught do? What will our heroes do?  The only thing they can, send Alex, Corwin, and Ryan to review it.  Oh, and Wolverine. His claws will totally make short work of an energy being.  The guys round out the 90's event with some more books. Do you need any more explanation than that? 90's, a part 2, X-Men, Avengers, Bruce Banner being punched out of the Hulk. What more can you want? Did you say Quicksilver erection? Then do we have the podcast for you!

Complete the missing part of your life with this second parter of our Onslaught series. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Big One Movie Review Podcast : Star Trek - Into Darkness (2013)

We beam you up to hilarity.  Alex and Ryan recap the lens flares and sounds in space for the second installment of J.J. Abrams re-imagining of the younger, sexier Enterprise crew. Set your phasers to spoiler alerts and come along on our shuttle ride to Big One Podcast's movie review. The good, the bad, the Robocop, we crash it all.  Make sure you see the movie in theaters, then DL this into your earholes.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Onslaught (Marvel) [part 1]

So you were sitting there thinking, "Man, I wish someone would talk about a big crossover event by Marvel from the 90's". Well, guess what? Uatu heard you. So we bring you the X-Men centric event, with Avengers and the Fantastic Four stopping by, and the universe altering Onslaught saga. Who is this mysterious villan? What are his ties to Magneto and Xavier? What is up with Hawkeye's outfit? We invite our first time returning guest Corwin back to help solve these mysteries and more!

Turn back the clock and turn on the abs for this week's part 1 adventure for our Marvel book!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Big One Movie Podcast : Iron Man 3 [part 1]

This is the first part of a two part review -

Geek movie season is upon us. We fly high into the first big blockbuster of the year, Iron Man 3.  Ryan and Alex are joined by the rest of Earth's Mightiest Podcast's hosts, Corwin and Viet. These four crime fighters diessect the movie plot, characters, and humor.

How did we like it?  What kind of plot holes mark the film? How big of a jerk was Tony Stark?  Find out this and more on the FIRST PART of this movie review.

The second portion of this podcast is on   You MUST DL the second half there, it will not be on the BOCP feed.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Conan [Dark Horse]

Iron your loin cloth and sharpen your sword, we visit the 2003 version of Conan, Master of the Universe.  Wait, wrong guy.  Alex and Ryan travel to Narnia with a third host, Kaitlin, a very young and very foul mouthed friend of Alex's. We tackle the six issue arc, plus issue zero, of the shaven, barrel chested warrior.  Alex also tries to explain the diference between fantasy and high fanstasy, or something confusing. 
Prepare for blood, boobs, and lots of phalic talk. That and more on this episode of Big One Podcast!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Episode Fifty-ish

Milestone episode!  We give you the big FiVE - OH!  Instead of reviewing an event, Alex and Ryan take time to bring you their three deaths with the most impact for them in comics.  What made them cry?  What made them bleed?  Why did they just bleed on a comic, that makes no sense, even for a nasty paper cut.  Some big stars come out to wish them a happy fifty, too.  Twitter participation and two voicemails, one with music!  Come remember and hold a moment of silence for the heroes we've lost.  Then stop, since most likely they came back again. And in some cases again and again.

Happy 50, and thank you for joining us!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast - Watchmen (DC) [part 2]

Finally, the finale episode of Watchmen!  Elizabeth comes back and contributes slightly more.  Alex and Ryan take us through the fallen heroes stories.  Will Elizabeth like the book?  Will there be more big blue dong?  Where in the world is Camern Sandiago? Wait, wrong question. Just grab your trenchcoat and goggles and finish this award winning book with us.

Plus, find out if we would be able to make the same decisions in the end that the heroes made.  And which character was out favorite?  Find out this and more on this BIG episode

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Watchmen (DC) [part 1]

One of the biggest books in comic history, finally reviewed. We assembled our normal cast of Alex and Ryan, and we brought in a whole ONE guest.  But that guest is the mysterious, the professional, the lady who did not "read" the books, Elizabeth.  The three of them barely do justice to the book that is Watchmen.  Join us as we tackle books 1-6 of the only comic on TIME's best 100 novels list.  Does Ryan like the story?  Did the motion comic Liz watched do it justice?  Listen as Alex first gives a history lessen, then receives a geography lesson from Ryan.  Even our good friend Uatu returns! 

Join us for all this, galactic blue balls, and all the blue wang you can shake a stick at on this week's podcast!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Iron Man - Demon in a Bottle (Marvel)

Coming to you this week, we have a special episode.  Not only do we bring you the 9 issues of Demon in a Bottle in under an hour, which testsTony Stark and us to our cores, but we also bring you a special top 5.  It is the first Big One Comic Podcast Drinking Game!  Alex and Ryan come up with guidelines for drinking along with the podcast, preferrable while you are at work!

Listen as we cover the villains, the red head, the overt racism, and more.  Addicted to our podcast?  Then pleasure your ear holes with our newest fix!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Star Wars - Dark Empire [Dark Horse]

Feel the power flow through your ears with this week's podcast.  The Emperor returns as Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie, why am I listing them?  If you don't know who they are, you are in the wrong place.  Does this 6 issue series hold up for super Star Wars fan Ryan?  Can Alex finally convince Ryan a series is good?  What make Alex have legitimate hate, and will he turn to the dark side?   Plus we take an eight question quiz to find out what kind of Jedi or Sith we will become!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Green Arrow - Long Bow Hunters (DC)

New year, new podcast!  The guys are back with this three bonus sized issues of Green Arrow.  Find out which of our hosts is turned on by gotees.  We chat a little holiday action.  Get your fix of man scrotum. And don't forget the money shot!  Plus Ryan has enough archery puns to make you turn green!