Monday, December 16, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Clone Saga (Spiderman) [Marvel]

Get out your 90's outfits and lingo, dudes.  It is time for another episode with our "favorite" web crawler x2! Peter and Cloney fight villains like Man Splooge and guy who wants to start his own TV network. Be there for the thrills of semi racist Hispanic villains and Spiderman acting like Batman. Joining us for this podcast is someone who is overly excited for this storyline, Tribe One!  He brings a fresh perspective and uber knowledge to the episode.

Ryan seems to get caught in a web and cannot escape this extended show.  We cover 12 issues:

Web of Spiderman 117
Amazing Spiderman 394
Spiderman 51
Spectacular Spiderman 217
Sensational Spiderman 0
Amazing Spiderman 407
Spiderman 64
Spectacular Spiderman 230
Spectacular Spiderman 240
Sensational Spiderman 11
Amazing Spiderman 418
Spiderman 75
Join us for bad art and bad stories that bring back flashbacks for Tribe One and Alex. But, there is a surprise good issue, too!

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