Monday, March 30, 2015

Big One Comic Podcast : New X-Men (Marvel)

Not only is E for Extinction, but also for Excitement! Alex and Ryan are joined by special guest Corwin to cover 13 issues, two arcs, of New X-Men E is for Extinction and Imperial. See all the fan favorites, Cat Beast! the Shi'ar! Cyclops being a douche. 

Something is wrong in the Xavier house. The mutants are hated more than ever. Plus there is a new faction hunting mutants trying to take their powers for their own uses.

Covers New X-Men 114 to 126, including the annual. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Big One Comic Podcast : Walking Dead (Image)

Shamble into our next episode. Alex and Ryan pick your brains with the first trade of the Robert Kirkman book which started it all. Relive the horror, the violence, the black and whiteness of a rural Kentucky cop who wakes up in a zombie apocalypse. Plus we get a special visit from Guy Gardner.

Join us while we eat, I mean pleasure your earholes.