Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Big One Comic Podcast : Swamp Thing (DC)

Get that swampy feeling with Alan Moore's "Swamp Thing". Alex and Ryan return and are not review men, but review THINGS! Eight issues and two arcs bubble up for you this week. Swamp Thing comes to terms with who he is, all while battling a dude with a conveniently placed bush. Then he fights nightmares and demons!  Plus, Grundy stops by with his new friend, Doctor Strange! 

Come be mystified, and slightly moist, in this new episode

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Big One Comic Podcast : Fantastic Four - Resurrection of Galactus (Marvel)

Our hosts travel the alternate universes to bring you this Fantastic Four story. Apparently they forgot the fantastic portion of it, though. Galactus is dead, and some toga wearing baddie is behind it.  Join the Four as they try to save ALL THE UNIVERSES!  Tons of strange characters and locations. All to be summed up with, "Eh."

Plus, we cast our own fantastic four movie! 

Join us for this and save yourself from having to read it!