Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Watchmen (DC) [part 1]

One of the biggest books in comic history, finally reviewed. We assembled our normal cast of Alex and Ryan, and we brought in a whole ONE guest.  But that guest is the mysterious, the professional, the lady who did not "read" the books, Elizabeth.  The three of them barely do justice to the book that is Watchmen.  Join us as we tackle books 1-6 of the only comic on TIME's best 100 novels list.  Does Ryan like the story?  Did the motion comic Liz watched do it justice?  Listen as Alex first gives a history lessen, then receives a geography lesson from Ryan.  Even our good friend Uatu returns! 

Join us for all this, galactic blue balls, and all the blue wang you can shake a stick at on this week's podcast!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Iron Man - Demon in a Bottle (Marvel)

Coming to you this week, we have a special episode.  Not only do we bring you the 9 issues of Demon in a Bottle in under an hour, which testsTony Stark and us to our cores, but we also bring you a special top 5.  It is the first Big One Comic Podcast Drinking Game!  Alex and Ryan come up with guidelines for drinking along with the podcast, preferrable while you are at work!

Listen as we cover the villains, the red head, the overt racism, and more.  Addicted to our podcast?  Then pleasure your ear holes with our newest fix!