Sunday, November 27, 2011

Big One Comic Podcast : Chew (Image)

Just in time to help you digest all those Thanksgiving meals, our delicious duo is back! This week we take a taste of Chew vol 1. Ryan enjoys the platter and goes back to the buffet for more. Andrew turns his nose to the dish served up! Uatu takes the week off being out of town for the holiday. But we do have a top 5 segment that will have you chomping at the bit.

Enjoy this review that's best served hot!

Outro music "Eat It" Weird Al

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Big One Comic Podcast : The NEW 52! (DC)

Our DC "loving" duo returns in this bulbous episode. We go through each issue #1 of DC's new 52! 2 sentence reviews from Andy, and a haiku from Ryan, we answer if it is new reader friendly, and some of our past contributors pitch their ideas to DC (Grundy, Uatu, Wasp, and more!) Join us for the filling episode; twice the flavor half the fat!

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