Friday, March 25, 2016

Big One Comic Podcast: Episode 100 - Killing Joke (DC) radio drama

The Great Pyramids. The Colossus of Rhodes. Episode 100 of the Big One Comic Podcast. Great Wonders of the world. We gather some greats from around the internet to  bring you Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's Batman: The Killing Joke. An epic story brought to life.
Join our Caped Crusader as he tracks down his most notorious arch enemy. The Joker has gone too far this time! Can Batman stop him without going over the edge? Will James Gordon keep his sanity? Listen and find out. 
Once in a generation, does something magical happen. The stars align and greatness is produced.

Alex as Batman
Ryan as Joker
Dorothy as Barbara Gordon
Elizabeth as Joker's wife  
Jonathan as Mobster 1 and fake Joker
Viet as Mobster 2 and Detective
Corwin as Carnival Man and Detective
Kate as Doctor, fat lady, and creepy shits
Bill as Alfred and cop
featuring TribeOne as James Gordon and Bullock
and Rob as Narrator and Security Guard
with special intro by Uatu