Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Big One Comic Podcast : Marvels (Marvel)

Our heroes are bigger than life and they bring you life sized heroes from the point of view of Everyman McCameraPerson.  The four book series Marvels is on the plate today.  Find out when Alex cried.  Find out if Ryan has a soul after reading this series.  We get a triumphant return of Uatu.  A little political talk and tangents galore round out this week's episode.
Marvel at our marvelous Marvel's episode... Marvels!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Big One Comic Podcast : Invincible - Conquest [Image]

We are back, nothing can stop us, not even 14 evil versions of ourselves.  Our dynamic duo are back with Image's Invincible! We tackle issues 60-65 (vol 12) of the Eisner Nominated series.  The world is still recovering from a massive attack, only to be ambushed by 14 Evil Invincibles in a crazy one shot. Quickly following this massacre, the mighty Conquest shows up to take over Earth.  This fight pushes Invincible to his limits and beyond.  Listen as we take you through the bloody, bloody, did I mention bloody(?) battle.