Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Big One Comic Podcast : Marvels (Marvel)

Our heroes are bigger than life and they bring you life sized heroes from the point of view of Everyman McCameraPerson.  The four book series Marvels is on the plate today.  Find out when Alex cried.  Find out if Ryan has a soul after reading this series.  We get a triumphant return of Uatu.  A little political talk and tangents galore round out this week's episode.
Marvel at our marvelous Marvel's episode... Marvels!


  1. This comic worked so well for me. That Ryan was so lackadaisical about it was astounding to me. In each issue, there was something that gave me goosebumps or made my spine tingle. Far and away the winner was "Three signs. First the water, then the fire, and now this. Three signs. And then Judgment Day." with the Silver Surfer darting amongst those rocks, getting closer and closer until you get that full, shocking shot of him. Just fabulous.

  2. Also, the full text of all the news articles. Go read them. They're there, and they are about what the headlines say they are about. Such attention to detail.