Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Big One Comic Podcast : Cap America - Winter Soldier [Marvel]

Jumping on the Cap band wagon, we have the the amazing Brubaker Captain America: Winter Soldier. This collects issues 1-9 and 11-14. Cap is living in the modern world, a darker time. Death of friends, ineptitude of government, and personal problems plague a cap who has to balance his own world and the world that needs Captain America. 

Viet joins Alex and Ryan to bring us through the event that rocks Steve Rodgers to his core; a blast from the past. A character who has always stayed dead.

Fight the good fight in this latest ep. We also do just a tiny bit of compare and contrast with the film, too. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Big One Movie Podcast : Captain America - Winter Soldier PART 1

We are BACK. Ryan and Alex spent some time in the shadows looking for Hydra members.  This time they brought reinforcements; Viet and Corwin from Earth's Mightiest Podcast. These four brave heroes gush over Steve's abs, Natasha's ass, and actual supporting characters who aren't white and actually have depth. Visit America's true superman, Captain America as he battles evil with all the espionage you can throw a shield at. 

*PLUS* This is only part 1!  You must DL part 2 at

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Big One Comic Podcast : Weapon of God (Kickstarter)

Our first book that started on Kickstarter! Ryan and Alex take you through the strangely short book about God's sword of justice, cutting through evil! Wait, no. It is a man on Earth who hates clothes almost as much as the artist. Join us for the story that seems like half a season of a TV show packed into a 22 minute episode. 

Plus we do our own top 5 fictional weapons!