Sunday, June 9, 2013

Big One Comic Podcast : Onslaught [Part 2] (Marvel)

The end of the Marvel Universe as you know it is at an end. What will the big bad Onslaught do? What will our heroes do?  The only thing they can, send Alex, Corwin, and Ryan to review it.  Oh, and Wolverine. His claws will totally make short work of an energy being.  The guys round out the 90's event with some more books. Do you need any more explanation than that? 90's, a part 2, X-Men, Avengers, Bruce Banner being punched out of the Hulk. What more can you want? Did you say Quicksilver erection? Then do we have the podcast for you!

Complete the missing part of your life with this second parter of our Onslaught series. 

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